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This blog celebrates the beauty of Asian men by illustrating the depth and variety that is so often missed by those who make foolish statements like "All Asians look the same." It is primarily a photo blog, but I will also occasionally write comments related to Asian men and gay life as it relates to them.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Bedroom (Holiday Mode*)

Please note: As I mentioned previously, Once You Go Asian is in holiday mode until the end of the year. This simply means that, in order to cut back significantly on my blogging time so that I may accomplish many things that need to be completed by year's end, but still wishing to put forth regular offerings of hot guys, the majority of posts from now to January will not include my normal witty banter. Instead, I will simply post pictures centered around a general (most likely boring) theme. Today's theme, of course, is "Bedroom."


Tim said...

I've noticed a trend:

It's not your fault, of course. It's the fault of Asian imagery.

Have you noticed how so many of these images are professionial?? Even those which don't seem professional (take Bedroom13.jpg or Bedroom14.jpg) are, really, professional images masquerading as amateur in order to tap into the audience's instinctive willingness to accept as "real" and hence see as more erotic the image.

I'm increasingly unhappy with professional Asian photography.

As was noted elsewhere a short time ago (http://menofcolor.blogs.com/moc_blog/2006/11/asian_sensation.html), there is a widespread prudery throughout most parts of Asia. Personally, I don't like that. Such prudery is almost always misogynist (women should be naked, not men), homophobic (nude men are "fags") and supportive of a strongly hierarchical social system which is repressive in a thousand other ways.

Worse, in a transnational context, it "neuters" the Asian male. While Caucasian and African and Latino and other men may get naked, the Asian male -- the "effeminate" and "weak" and "inscrutable" Asian male -- remains firmly unsexed. "You can't tell the femmy boy-men from the girls over there!" Well, of course not: Because the men are never seen as men: Endowed with cock and balls, erect with lust, vibrantly male.

It's odd, because in many ways a lot of Asian cultures did not used to be this way. In medieval Japan, geisha-boys were not just tolerated but accepted! (And often were the favorites of rulers...) Thai and Vietnamese cross-dressing and homosexuality go back centuries. India produced many illustrated books on how to have gay sex -- not this year, not last year, but 1,000 years ago. Even into the early part of the 20th century, some Asian cultures were very concerned with sex. Imperial Japanese military minisers debated for six months about whether a soldier should hang his cock to the left or right of the zipper in his pants.

But, looking at professional photography today, you wouldn't know that Asian men are sexual.

It's not even that they are clothed. It is, as I see it, that these men are not sexual. They're dreamy or soft-focus glamourized. These aren't images of men with a hard-on beneath the sheets, these are images about men with nothing under the sheets.

Amateur images, at least, are often taken by guys who are so horny that they are about to explode. An image might show the guy still in his shorts or pants, but there is a visual and aesthetic sense that he's definitely male, and definitely erect. There's no doubting the intent of the image (to show his masculinity and arousal and to defy and destroy any claim that he's "nothing down there").

I don't see that intent in professional photographs. All I see are neutered Asian men.

Racism neuters Asian men every day. I don't need Asian professional photographers doing it, too.

(PS: This is a polemic, and stuck in a comment section, so it'll be short and blunt...and offensive, I'm sure.)

Eukolos said...

Well, as you know, I often agree with you, but I think maybe I would stop a bit short of where you have landed on this. I certainly understand (and share) your concern that there are some who promote an incorrect view of Asian men in photography. However, I think that there can be different purposes for erotic photography. Just because a photo is not explicitly sexual does not mean it is worthy of criticism. Personally, I have a huge collection of naked Asian XXX porn pictures, but I have steered clear of those pictures more and more on this blog. That is in no way an attempt to "neuter" the pictures by hiding the cocks (and I completely understand that you are not accusing me of that...don't worry!); rather, I have tried to make this blog a site that promotes the beauty of Asian men and have found that the explicitly sexual pictures, at least to some extent, can distract from the larger goal. I'm still trying to find a balance here, and I'm not certain exactly what will be the best route to take, but hopefully I am finding a decent balance.

One other item to consider, and that is each of us defines attraction in different ways. This may sound odd coming from a gay man, but a cock really is quite a ways down the list for me of what gets me aroused. In my case (and you will probably see this reflected in my picture selection), probably 75% of my attraction to a guy is in his eyes and lips/smile. Basically, the only thing that is important for me in a cock is that it's big enough for me to feel it when he's on top of me ;-). Other than that, I'm anything but a size queen. So, just because pictures don't throw the cock in our faces does not necessarily mean they are inappropriate I think.

That's my three cents worth :-)