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This blog celebrates the beauty of Asian men by illustrating the depth and variety that is so often missed by those who make foolish statements like "All Asians look the same." It is primarily a photo blog, but I will also occasionally write comments related to Asian men and gay life as it relates to them.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Obligatory Blogging Milestone Post (100 Posts-100 Men)

As I am sure many of you have eagerly been anticipating this moment, I feel it is my duty as a dedicated blogger to create an artificial sense of achievement and imaginary excitement by pointing out that this is the 100th post since I began this blog last August.

For those of you who may not maintain a blog yourself, you are likely unaware of the complex initiation rituals surrounding the launch and maintenance of a blog. When someone applies for a blogging license, he must first pass a difficult screening process. While many aspects of that interview period are sworn to secrecy (upon penalty of death, or worse--deletion), those of us who have reached the milestone of 100 posts are granted a bit of freedom to share insights that you will not find elsewhere. Thus, I can tell you the screening process includes some or all of the following:

  • Applicant must have no aspirations of ever running for public office.
  • Applicant must spent no less than 83% of his waking hours in front of a computer.
  • It is preferred that the applicant be strongly opinionated yet have not spent much time outside of the basement of his or her house, lest those opinions become tainted with, shall we say, "distasteful" influences, such as reality.
  • Rush processing available to those who (a) are over age 30 yet still live with their mothers, or (b) own a minimum of 3 functional video gaming systems produced since 2005. Those rare applicants who fulfill both (a) and (b) may actually skip entirely Level 1 (see below) and begin their blogging immediately at Level 2.

After being approved for a blogging license, the newly inducted blogger begins his journey at Level 1. The various level advancements are as follows:
  • Level 1 ("Newbies") - As I view newbie bloggers today from my slightly-seasoned vantage point, I chuckle as the memories of those early days come back to mind as if in a distant memory. Ah yes, the days of using a generic pre-packaged Blogger template, when (almost embarrassing to admit) I was so unfamiliar with web publishing that <wry grin>I wouldn't have been able to tell RSS from Atom.</wry grin> When I began blogging, believe it or not, I had never even once aggregated!
  • Level 2 - A Level 1 newbie may advance to Level 2 when he has reached 10,000 hits on his blog. This very modest achievement is generally celebrated with much fanfare generated only by the blogger himself.
  • Level 3 - This level is attained when a blogger has completed and published 100 posts. Generally, photoblogs will mark this occasion by posting a "supersized" selection of pictures...100 pictures being the obvious choice, as you will see at the end of this overview/tutorial. By this time, the blogger has grown comfortable in his role as Web Publisher and has likely begun to branch out into other related pursuits, such as writing articles for Wikipedia or training newbies on the proper use of gay-torrents.net. This is, of course, only as time permits, since they must be sure that Wayne is making good progress against the Akrids and has adequate thermal energy for his trek across the Lost Planet. Occasionally, tragic circumstances will converge simultaneously, and a Level 3 blogger's mother will call down to him in the basement to ask for assistance bringing the groceries inside, and either the snow pirates are going to be devoured, or blog posts go unwritten. Few casual blogging readers can understand the true nature of pressure faced by a dedicated blogger.
  • Level 4 - Level 4 is reached when a blogger reaches 100,000 hits on his blog. In superior circumstances, this level can actually be reached before Level 3. When this happens, the Level 4 blogger is granted "Super Blogger" status, which gives him the authority to issue meaningless web awards to other bloggers he likes.
  • Level 5 - After a year of blogging has been completed, and assuming all the requirements of Levels 2-4 have been completed, the blogger reaches the fifth and (for the sake of this farce) uppermost level of blogging. I'm sure I could list more levels, but this post has already gone far too long, and I want to wrap it up so I can go downstairs and eat some del.icio.us cookies I baked earlier today.

Well, as you attempt to control your unbounded enthusiasm over the fact that OYGA today has attained "Super Blogger" status with this 100th post, take a moment to do two things with me:

First, join me in welcoming a great OYGA friend back to the blogosphere. Few blogs have such a classy and fun <style> as The Best of H.O.Z., so I was saddened when, back in January, it seemed Thoz was closing up shop. But I am very happy to see that he is back and posting again! So stop by there and check out his new posts! (Rumor has it that he was gone for super-secret covert blogging training....details are sketchy, but I heard it involves lethal combinations of nested tags and myspace profiles).

Second, click on the link below, and enjoy 100 men to celebrate 100 OYGA posts today!


A.Y. said...

A.Y. said...

first... I hit the "read more" link on this post and it was so long I almost didn't want to find the comment link to post a comment...

ugh, even with that i still hit the wrong link... bleh. Please delete my other two comments.

Congrats on the 100 posts! Quite an accomplishment. The content on this blog has reached a level a little (or a lot) lower than the dorkiness you would usually find on the content (or rather non-content I've been told) of my blog... haha. But certainly a whole lot more thought has gone into this one than almost all of mine put together lol.

the house of zen said...

first and foremost, congrats on the 100th post!!!!!!! :)

and thanks for supporting and emailing me, when you have the time...

really appreciate it...

Michael said...

Hello! First, congratulations on 100 posts. Your 100 men took me quite awhile to get through but it was definitely worth the time. The story of how the blog comes about was fascinating to this "non-blogger."

I visit this blog every day, so please keep up the good work! And Happy New Year.


Kit said...

congrats! making it to 100 is indeed an achievement. great work! love them pics. keep em coming!

Deuce La Cock said...

congratulations, hot stuff. your blog keeps me harder much longer than my doctor says it's safe to be.
xo, DLC

Eukolos said...

Glad you finally found the correct post! lol. Did you want to schedule that photo session soon? ;)

Eukolos said...

Thanks, and it's my pleasure to promote your blog! Glad you're back after all!

Eukolos said...

I'm glad I was able to keep you entertained...and hopefully you recognized the tongue-in-cheek nature of the blogging explanation :-)

Eukolos said...

Kit, Deuce,
Thanks! Glad you all are continuing to enjoy!

teazed said...

Congratulations dear. You were the one who pulled me through in my early days. I am not sure what level I have reached yet - my counter goes beserk occassionally and i have now started getting threat mails - makes me want to stop, just to stay away from any conflict. :-(

Eukolos said...

Thanks! And we are all glad that you have continued with your blog! Why ever would you receive threatening letters though?

Anonymous said...

Hi dude thanks for a wonderful blog I was worried that you would stop posting.

South Africa