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This blog celebrates the beauty of Asian men by illustrating the depth and variety that is so often missed by those who make foolish statements like "All Asians look the same." It is primarily a photo blog, but I will also occasionally write comments related to Asian men and gay life as it relates to them.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Romantic Residue (à poil)

Well, are we all still basking in the slowly-ebbing glow of Valentine's Day? Hope each of you had a pleasant (and perhaps even memorable) day and night! And today, enjoy some à poil pictures of cuddling couples who are obviously feeling very horny romantic.


The boy with the green tambourine said...

They're both hot and sweet. An impressive combination! (I must say I'm especially fond of the chap peaking out from under his boyfriend's armpit!)


Kevin said...

Love the fifth picture, the guy is so cute, thin, smooth, and looks like a beautiful lover, envy his partner.