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This blog celebrates the beauty of Asian men by illustrating the depth and variety that is so often missed by those who make foolish statements like "All Asians look the same." It is primarily a photo blog, but I will also occasionally write comments related to Asian men and gay life as it relates to them.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Single-Color Rainbow

[Update, 1/6/2007: An anonymous person commented that one of Fleshbot's "Top 10" is actually latino rather than white. However, I think you will see that my argument still holds true throughout this post.]

Yesterday, MOC Blog (one of my favorite blogs and a daily visit) pointed out Gay Fleshbot's list of Top Ten Crush Objects of 2006. As is so typical of such lists, it was heavily weighted toward the 18% of the world's population that is white. In fact, eight of the ten models chosen were white, with just a token Asian guy and Black guy. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Fleshbot is a great site, and they have said kind words about OYGA in the past. In fact, they have had 2 posts already in 2007 focused on Asian men, so they are already more balanced than the vast majority of sites out there.

Too many gay men see the world through Abercrombie- colored glasses and never realize the beauty that walks past them each day shaded in beautiful browns, yellows, reds, and blacks.But, the gay internet in general is a reflection of an infection that extends throughout the gay community around the world. It is the thinking that, if you climbed to the peak of Beauty Mountain, you would find a 22-year-old, 6-foot 2-inch, slim, toned, blond-hair, blue-eyed white guy with a 9-inch dick reigning as king, surrounded by near-clones of himself. This idea, originating in the prejudices of the past and propagated throughout the world by the studios of Hollywood, California, has so infiltrated contemporary thinking that most gay guys view the world in this manner without any suspicion that other perspectives even exist. They see the world through Abercrombie-colored glasses and never realize the beauty that walks past them each day shaded in beautiful browns, yellows, reds, and blacks.

What makes this narrow view of the world even more unbelievable is that nature practically screams out every moment of every day the message of the beauty of variety. The most dazzling star of the solar system, our sun, joins forces with the water that brings us life to broadcast from the highest points in the sky that multi-colored emblem of beauty, a symbol that we claim represents the highest ideals of the gay community. But would a rainbow inspire awe if it was solid orange? Perhaps we would note its presence, but do you think people would pull over in their cars and get out quickly to take pictures of a solid orange band? No, it is the diversity of colors that draws our eyes upward.

And which color of the rainbow is the one that makes it beautiful? Which one is the most important? Or conversely, which one can be removed without the rainbow losing any of its effect? At the Gay Games in Chicago last summer, one of the most memorable moments of the week was when all the participants stood together in Soldier Field during the opening ceremonies and the lights were shut off, revealing an illuminated gay pride flag created by thousands of tiny colored pen lights.

It was a breathtaking effect, and yet, it was mitigated slightly by our realization that there was no yellow band in the flag. To this day I do not know why there was no yellow band (perhaps the manufacturer didn't make yellow pen lights?). And although it did not ruin the effect completely, it was obvious to all that something was missing that should be there.

This basic understanding does not stop with the rainbow. It continues throughout nature, in nearly every conceivable corner of the planet and beyond. And humans understand it almost instinctively. Can you imagine:

  • A "Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers" list consisting of a daffodil, a lily, and 8 roses?
  • A "Top 10 Most Beautiful Animals" list with a giraffe, a peacock, and 8 leopards?
  • A "Top 10 Most Beautiful Places on Earth" list with one location in China, one in Kenya, and 8 in the United States or Europe?
Each of these lists would be instantly recognized by anyone as being imbalanced and incomplete. And yet, many of the same people who would mock the absurdity of these lists go through life applying just such a standard in their estimation of human beauty.

So, to Fleshbot, I love you guys and think your blog is great, but I'm just afraid your list is a reflection of a cultural myopia that ought to be addressed patiently but firmly. I hope you will use the excellent platform you have built both to entertain and inform (which you do every day in a superior way) but also to educate and contribute to an essentially-needed shift in cultural views of beauty throughout the gay communities around the world.

That is why this blog exists. It is not to promote Asian men as somehow more beautiful than others, but rather to contribute in a small way to the understanding that beauty comes in many forms, and Asian men are but one example of that fact.

So, in tribute to the 6 out of 10 people in the world who are Asian, here is the "OYGA Top 10 Asian Crushes" for your enjoyment. I think any of these guys could hold their own against the monochromatic competition!










1. Jerome Ortiz - still the most beautiful man in the world (and one crush where Fleshbot and I are in complete agreement!)

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more, being a "white guy" I see the same thing you see when looking at the general media. This country and mind set is so far back in the stone ages I'm embarrased at times to be a "white guy" because I don't want to be labeled as a racist or something. Asian men are more loving, dedicated, honest and see a relationship as a value, not just a fling. I know because my partner is Asian. So I was a great relief to find your blog, and you have wonderful links to other asian blogs and sites I've longed to find. Thank you for your great work and thought you put into your work!

Eukolos said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm pleased that you have found my blog, and I hope you will visit often!

victor said...


Hugs. But don't feel you have to dance so gingerly around FB. In almost two years of blogging they mentioned MOC exactly twice! And not even as the subject of a post but, rather, as a passing reference to another site. (Yours being only the most recent.) I've razzed them continously and I was especially harsh about their "slavish devotion to Sean Cody" and guess what? Now they're paying me to write for them! Isn't life grand? Anyway, I do love the way you see the world - as do many, many others - and I hope you can devote more time to writing posts like this one. You really shine when you allow yourself to get into the meat and potatoes of a subject matter.

Warm Regards,

Anonymous said...

I read this blog and MOC every day. Gay websites' obsession with young white men is both disturbing and BORING. The models all look exactly alike after awhile, and not one of them looks to be an interesting PERSON. They all look sort of vacant.

Having said that, I want to gently point out that you are perpetuating another stereotype: that beautiful guys are always young. Give me a MAN who has lived life and faced challenges and has more to offer than just youth--he's hotter to me any day than your top ten crushes.

I don't mean to rant. Thank you for your website, your work, and your thoughfulness.

Samow said...

Well said. You've put into words what I've been thinking for years.
Love your blog by the way! Keep up the good work!

Tim said...

I have to sort of agree. If there is no true beauty standard, then why are all these guys heavily muscled? One of them is not "heavily" so, and don't show their bodies so we can't tell.

But this is your Top 10 list, so it's about your tastes. If the point was to say that FleshBot's beauty standard was too white, you accomplished the job fantastically. But if the point was also to say that FleshBot's beauty standard was also too muscly (and too "classically handsome" and too fixated on dick size), I dunno... Most Asian men don't look like these guys, either.

Kit said...

i think that things are changing. albeit slowly and thanks to sites like yours and others, i think asian men are moving from being an exotic taste to being considered as beautiful without using a different yardstick.

hope this holds.

Anonymous said...

I believe Roman Heart is Latino. Therefore, 3 out of the 10 selected were men of color.

Sixpencenotthewiser said...

Kudos to you. I find it really illuminating when someone speaks against the Aberzombiezation of the gay media. And your list is blazing hot. Keep up the good work.

Patric said...

I think you forgot one very hot asian: Jeff of http://amateurhunk.blogspot.com Definitely one of the hottest asian men of 2006.

Anonymous said...

well I am going to have to disagree with number 2, 5, 6.

Wellesley said...

Well...I actually want to say (unfortunately) that it was a progress to see there is even an Asian on the FreshBot Top 10 list. I have lived in North America for more than 10 years and remember there wouldn't even be any Asian on those types of Top 10 back in mid-1990's. Usually there were one token Black hunks and one or two token Latino. Bt Asian? Nope...

Well, of course there are still a lot 'progress' to be made in the future I believe.

By the way, Jerome Oritz seems like an "Eurasian," which means that he is half white, is he? If that is the case, you can say there is only "1/2" Asian on the Top 10. One out of 20!! Okay, there are still far more 'progress' to be made in the future

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with this list is that you're not really considering the context in which Fleshbot composed their list.

They were looking mainly at porn stars, people who are "names" or up-and-comers within their industry, whereas your list has no real "names" to it.

I definitely agree that it was lacking in a lot of diversity, but how many big-name Asian porn stars are there short of Brandon Lee?

I'd love to see more, myself, but until that time, the industry will have far more caucasian faces that recieve reocgnition.

Eukolos said...

As always, you words are too kind but sincerely appreciated! Thanks!

Eukolos said...

I'm kinda slow in responding to these comments, but I do appreciate the concern you share about perpetuating any stereotypes, including those of age. I address this concern in this post, so I hope that maybe gives a perspective of how I look at this sort of thing. Thanks for the kind words!

Eukolos said...

Thanks! Hope you continue to visit and enjoy!

Eukolos said...

I think there is a key difference between a Top 10 list featuring basically one ethnicity and a top 10 list featuring mostly muscular guys. That difference is that we have no control over our ethnicity; we do have some level of control over the condition of our bodies (within reason, of course). I personally believe that physical beauty as evidenced by a muscular body should be celebrated, because it shows a commitment to one's health, both mental and physical, that is lived out in a very disciplined manner, something that many cannot say. And you are right, of course, that most Asian men don't look like these guys, but it is a Top 10 list; it's supposed to be guys who stand out from the crowd. It does not purport to say others are ugly or inferior in any way; it simply says that these guys are beautiful. Hopefully that clarifies a bit! :-)

Eukolos said...

I hope with you. And I am optimistic it is so!

Eukolos said...

I was not aware of that; thanks for pointing it out!

Eukolos said...

Thanks! I will try!

Eukolos said...

Unfortunately, that guy doesn't seem to show his face. I'm definitely a face guy, so it's unlikely I would include a headless picture on my blog. :-) You're right though, his pictures are hot!

Eukolos said...

That's fine. I will keep them for myself ;-)

Eukolos said...

If I recall correctly, one of Jerome Ortiz's parents is German and the other Filipino. Don't quote me on that, though. Regardless, I am madly in love with him and hope to someday bear his children...lol :-)

Eukolos said...

Anonymous 1/18,
Actually, my list does have "names", contrary to that assertion. #8 is Andy Honda who has appeared on CorbinFisher.com as well as Playguy. #6 is Sirimong Kol, a famous boxer in Thailand who infamously posed nude for a gay calendar. Others have done porn as well, though I don't have their names committed to memory and don't have the time to research that at the moment.

But your criticism only further confirms the point I am trying to make. You ask "how many big-name Asian porn stars are there short of Brandon Lee?" The answer is as obvious as you believe it to be, and that is exactly what I am arguing! Please note this comment near the close of my post, where I said:

So, to Fleshbot, I love you guys and think your blog is great, but I'm just afraid your list is a reflection of a cultural myopia that ought to be addressed patiently but firmly. I hope you will use the excellent platform you have built both to entertain and inform (which you do every day in a superior way) but also to educate and contribute to an essentially-needed shift in cultural views of beauty throughout the gay communities around the world.

My complaint was not so much about this particular list except as it reflected a far wider problem. The limited number of famous Asian celebrities is certainly not due to inferiority of looks. Rather it is due to a different problem--the narrow definition of beauty accepted by society today.