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This blog celebrates the beauty of Asian men by illustrating the depth and variety that is so often missed by those who make foolish statements like "All Asians look the same." It is primarily a photo blog, but I will also occasionally write comments related to Asian men and gay life as it relates to them.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am a fan of tattoos. I think that, more often than not, a tattoo improves a guy's appearance. Even more, I think a tattoo, if seen as more than just decoration, can be a very powerful statement about a person's life, what he values, and what has shaped him into the person he is today. Unless someone is drunk, he probably doesn't get a tattoo without plenty of forethought and planning.

Personally, I have two tattoos (pictured below), and both of them reflect the most personal, life-changing events and times of my life. Previously I wrote about the smaller tattoo on my other blog, and today I posted the story about the dragon tattoo. You can read about it by clicking on the picture below (or here).

And, lest we get too sentimental, worry not! Here are some guys who are sexy with or without their tattoos!


Tim said...

The guy with red hair......... WOWZA!

Haven't we seen him before?

Eukolos said...

I think I have some other pictures of him in my collection, but I am drawing a bit of a blank as to whether or not I have posted any of them on here or not.