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This blog celebrates the beauty of Asian men by illustrating the depth and variety that is so often missed by those who make foolish statements like "All Asians look the same." It is primarily a photo blog, but I will also occasionally write comments related to Asian men and gay life as it relates to them.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Call me Ed Gruberman

Ok, so I amuse myself sometimes. Some of you noticed that, in my last post, I issued a challenge to see who could identify the two comedy sketch references in the post, offering an exciting reward to the first 5 who could do it. Well, apparently I am either too vague or I just have a sense of humor that is not in line with many people (probably the latter, since the references were pretty obvious if you had heard of the comedy sketches), because not a single person guessed them, and I received several e-mails from people completely confused. Also, I probably failed to consider that, with the international readership of this blog, people in many parts of the world would be even less familiar with the sketches.

But it's all good. At least now I have the opportunity to introduce you to a couple great comedy sketches.

  • The first reference was in the title of the post "Reboot to the Head." This is a reference to a 1987 sketch by the Canadian comedy team The Frantics. The sketch is called "Ti Kwan Leap" and appears on their album called Boot to the Head. According to Wikipedia, "Ti Kwan Leep is one of the most famous skits from this album, followed by the title song Boot to the Head....In the skit, there is a conversation between Ed Gruberman and a martial arts master over the relative merits of harmonious Eastern philosophy versus 'trashing bozos'. This soon devolves into an all-out brawl. The song recites a long litany of people doing idiotic things, and recommending that we 'Give them a boot to the head!'" Very funny sketch.
  • The second reference was when I said that, if I was unable to post for the next several days, you should "grab a towel and don't panic." This one should be more familiar to some, as it incorporates two of the most common themes from the 1978 BBC radio comedy series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. This is very possibly the best radio comedy series of all time (yes, I know it's my opinion, which means it's likely a bit skewed...lol). If you are not familiar with the radio series, it is very entertaining and worth hunting down to listen to. It was also made into a movie in 2005 (well done, but I still enjoy the radio version better). In the story, the Guide is a repository of all the useful information in the universe. Two of the major themes of the story include the words "Don't Panic" written in large, friendly letters on the cover of the Guide and the importance of always knowing "where your towel is" (Click here for an explanation of this joke's origin). Well, although I could easily come up with 42 other reasons why this is one of my favorite radio series of all time, I will just let you hunt it down yourself and enjoy the experience (believe me, it sure beats Vogon poetry!).
Yes, I do entertain myself.

And, since I have absolutely nothing with which to transition to the pictures, I will just hop right in here. I tend to be a "face" person. If a guy has expressive eyes and a beautiful smile, most everything else is just window dressing to me. I have dated guys of all shapes and sizes, just so long as I enjoyed what was above the neck. But, if I were to say what my one (very minor) fetish would be, it is nipples. I think I enjoy sucking on a guy's nipples almost as much as sucking on his....er, I like nipples a lot. So, to feed my fetish today, here's some nice nipply pictures! Enjoy!


Tony said...

As always, more great Asian boy pics! I don't know where you find them all! Sorry to admit that I didn't recognize the references either... I thought the "grab the towel" comment was concerning the lustful thoughts that many of us have after looking at the pics you post! LOL

Michael said...

Your interpretation of the towel comment is certainly appropriate...lol. However, if your sense of humor ever tends toward the quirky (as mine inevitably does), you would do your funny bone a favor to check out Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!