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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Confrontation, Humility, and Forgiveness

Well, just as I make the comment that I almost never post YouTube clips on this blog, sure enough today I find another one that I can't overlook posting. Both yesterday's and today's clips are worth your time to watch (and fairly brief, so it's not a major commitment!). But while yesterday's was purely entertainment, today's has value beyond just diversion.

Regular OYGA readers may recall this post from last December in which I talked about Rosie O'Donnell's insulting "ching chong" comments on The View. Well, it took a while, but someone finally got through to her. Poet Beau Sia created the video you see here, and honestly I cannot imagine someone coming anywhere close to being as dead-on perfect in response as he is here. Firm, direct, confrontational, measured and unyielding--yet with an offer of forgiveness and the possibility of reconciliation.

And effective.

Because Rosie finally offered that apology that should have come months ago. And, from what it appears on her blog, the apology was sincerely given. So high praise for Beau Sia and a measure of respect for Rosie for responding as she should. Let's hope the lesson is long-lasting.

And now, on to the main attraction.....


TK said...

Beau Sia was amazing. I had tears running down my cheeks by the end. It was very moving, and I guess he moved Rosie too.

Eukolos said...

Agreed! If there ever was an example of righteous indignation, this is the best I have seen for sure.